Trump’s Policy on Maternity Leave

Trump plans to give mothers paid leave after childbirth but will not offer fathers the same.  On September 13th Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump spoke about his new child care policy in a speech in Aston, Pennsylvania.

According to a CNN article, he “called for guaranteeing six weeks’ maternity leave by extending unemployment insurance benefits to working mothers whose employers do not offer paid maternity leave.”

His plan leaves out fathers which would deprive stay at home dads and gay fathers of the opportunity to take off time from work to stay with his family in the weeks following childbirth.

It would be a setback for feminism and progressive thinking. In an opinionated article on the Huffington Post’s website the author says “more than any other problem with the plan ― and there are lots ― omitting half the population is its profoundest and most revelatory flaw, confirming once again Trump’s antiquated, sexist and harmful worldview: Men work. Women do the child-raising. The end.”



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