The Institute for Women’s Policy Research website is very unique.  The website is all about policies that affect women and their lives.  There are different sections of the site that are titled “Initiatives,” “Publications,” “Media & Events,” and “About.”  There are several subsections under each ranging from “Employment, Education & Economic Change” to “Health and Safety.”  The website goes very in depth about all of the policies that influence the lives of women.

One particular piece of information I thought was interesting and relevant is under the 2016 elections resources section in the middle of the homepage.  When you click “resources” it takes you to a page with a list of them and the first link takes you to a page about women’s political participation.  Here is the link that takes you to the webpage it is on.  There’s a map of all the states and how they rank on the scale of women’s political participation.

On the IWPR website there are lots of statistics and data that go along with the publications they post which definitely helps support their agenda.  If you’re looking for data to support a point or persuade an audience to agree with what you have to say about gender and equality, this is a great place to start at.


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