Poll on “Racial Tensions in America”

On September 24th I posted a poll on my Facebook page about racial tensions in America.  My goal was to see what average Americans think about things that have been going on in the country.

The following questions were on the poll:

  1. Do you support Colin Kaepernick’s actions and other athletes who kneel during the national anthem?
  2. Even if you don’t agree with him, do you think he has the right to kneel during the anthem?
  3. Are his actions disrespectful to people in the military?
  4. Do you think too much attention has been given to him and his actions?
  5. Should the American public be focused on other issues instead?

Eighteen people participated and these are the results


The responses to the question “Are his actions disrespectful to people in the military?” actually surprised me a bit.  I expected to get a lot more “yes” answers than “no,” but I ended up with the opposite.  Question number 2 elicited an overwhelming majority of “yes” responses as I expected since he technically has the right by law to kneel if he wants.  I also find it interesting that the answers to questions 4 and 5 were also a majority of “yes” answers.  I didn’t really have an expectation for the type of answers I would get for either of those questions, but it is interesting to see how most of those who answered the survey think the issue has been too drawn out.


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