The Millennial Vote

According to the Pew Research Center, the number of eligble Millennial voters is steadily growing and almost equal to the number of eleigible Baby Boomer voters.  According to this article on the Pew Research Center website, millennials have already exceeded the amount of Baby Boomers still living and the number of eligible voters will soon surpass the …

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Gender Issues… Not Just Women’s Issues

The New York Times is catching up with the times (pun intended) and has recently started to put a larger emphasis on gender issues.  The former deputy exectutive editor at The Times, Susan Chira, has been made a senior correspondent for gender issues. She and other writers will be covering more news regarding gender issues …

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FBI Reopened Case Against Hillary in Latest October Surprise

The FBI director James Comey revealed to Congress in a letter on Friday that the FBI would be investigating new information about Hillary Clinton's emails. Director Comey's announcement has come at one of the worst possible times for Hillary Clinton.  Many have criticised the way in which he announced the reopened investigation and also the …

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Candidate Position Table

I saw this table shared on Facebook an I thought it was really helpful.  I know it doesn't include Jill Stein's positions, but I figured it was still a useful graphic.  I looked for the original source but I could only find where it was reposted on and they didn't list the orignial author.