Miss Piggy? Isn’t that a Muppet?

Alicia Machado is a Venezuelan woman who won Miss Universe in 1996.  The year that she won Miss Universe also happened to be Donald Trump’s first year of owning the pageant.  If you haven’t seen Hillary Clinton’s ad featuring Ms. Machado, I’ll summarize it and post the video below.

During the year that Ms. Machado had the title of Miss Universe, she was treated unfairly.  She says that she wasn’t paid the 10% she was owed, by contract, on all the work and commericals she did.  On top of that, Donald Trump insulted her by telling her she was ugly or fat and insisting she lose weight because she “got fat” after winning the pageant.  He called her names such as Miss Housekeeping and Miss Piggy, “jokes” that insulted her nationality and her weight.  Reporters were allowed to come watch her exercise, turning her into a spectacle.  Perhaps the worst part of it all is that she ended up with eating disorders because of his insults and remarks about her weight.  As she puts it in the video, “I wouldn’t eat, and would still see myself as fat, because a powerful man had said so.”

She has spoken out about it because she feels that Mr. Trump is unfit for the presidency and wants people to see that he is sexist and racist.  She has become an American citizen and is planning on voting this November.



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