Twitter Is Revolutionizing This Election

Twitter has been a key factor in turning this election into something completely and utterly different thn any other election.  There was use of Twitter and the Internet in President Obama’s campaigns, but the way that those two mediums have been used in this election is amazing.  Voters can now be reached with extreme ease.  It only takes 140 characters to reach a large audience.  Twitter has definitely changed the dynamic of this presidential election.

Donald Trump seems to like Twitter a lot, actually.  Throughout the whole campaign, both candidates have used it heavily, but Donald Trump seems to put his foot in his mouth way more often.

At 3 am on Friday morning, Donald Trump decided to tweet about Alicia Machado.  He called her “disgusting” and claimed that she had a sex tape and that Hillary helped her become a citizen just to use her in the debate.

He also tweeted about how “Crooked Hillary” was conned and duped by Alicia Machado and suffered from bad judgemennt.


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