“Locker Room Talk”…

A recording of Donald Trump speaking incredibly inappropriately about women in vulgar language has recently surfaced and the nation is in an uproar.  He boasted about being able to kiss women whenever he wants and getting to do whatever he wants with them becuase “he’s a star,” but he admitted defeat when a married woman rejected his advances and wouldn’t let him “fuck her.” (…sorry for the crude language, they were his words…)

The video is shocking to listen to, and has proven to be a bit of a turning point for some GOP lawmakers.  Many have “jumped ship” upon hearing this recording and are no longer backing Donald Trump as the Republican party nominee.  Some of the most notable figures to retract their endorsement of Trump include John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  A more complete list of Republicans who aren’t supporting Trump can be found here in an article on USA Today.

The video and audio of Trump’s actual remarks can found here on The Washington Post’s website.  He did issue an apology but it was very stiff and a video of it can be found at that link too.


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