Clinton’s Confidence

As Election Day draws near, Hillary Clinton and her campaign know that their chances of winning the election are extremely high.  Thus, they’re choosing to shift resources to states that they traditionally would not send them to.  Clinton is being very bold with this move and by saying that, “I don’t even think about responding to him anymore” she is showing her confidence.

Hillary Clinton’s statement is a bolder one than most candidates would give during their political campaign.  However, the polls do seem to be backing her up.  Justifying transferring money and people for campaigning to states that are usually very red – Georgia, Arizona, Missouri, Indiana – is not a minor thing.

When I read about Clinton doing this in this article on Politico, it raised my eyebrows a bit.  I knew she was doing well, but I thought she would just play it safe for the rest of the campaign.

Her goal, by moving resources to other states, is to help other Democrats to get elected “down the ballot.”  By doing this, Clinton hopes to help Democrats take the Senate majority and even House majority.

At this point, it is clear she thinks that her efforts are better spent helping Democrats earn a majority in Congress because she thinks she has the presidency in her grasp.

Featured image: (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) –The Associated Press


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