FBI Reopened Case Against Hillary in Latest October Surprise

The FBI director James Comey revealed to Congress in a letter on Friday that the FBI would be investigating new information about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Director Comey’s announcement has come at one of the worst possible times for Hillary Clinton.  Many have criticised the way in which he announced the reopened investigation and also the timing of it.  In this article on Politico, many sources made statements about how they felt about Director Comey’s actions.  They ranged from agreeing with his actions to complete opposition.

According to a different article on Politico, Director Comey “wrote that the FBI does not yet know if the new material is “significant” and did not provide a timeframe for investigating in the letter, which overall contained sparse details.” 

Many opinions from different people are expressed in the first article I referenced and they are as follows:

  1. Director Comey should not have made an announcement that contains such vague information about the reopened investigation so close to election day.  It can be interpreted as a political play.
  2. Comey was irresponsible by announcing the reopening of the case so close to the election and in the words of Nick Ackerman “Director Comey acted totally inappropriately. He had no business writing to Congress about supposed new emails that neither he nor anyone in the FBI has ever reviewed.”  Ackerman also stated “The job of the FBI is simply to investigate and to provide the results of its investigation to the prosecutorial arm of the U.S. Department of Justice. His job is not to give a running commentary about any investigation or his opinion about any investigation. This is particularly egregious since Secretary Clinton has no way to respond to what amounts to nebulous and speculative innuendo.”
  3. Director Comey, and the FBI, could be trying to save face because, in the words of Dan Richman, “The last thing anybody wants to do is have the organization sit on something where Congress has shown such particular interest.”  If the FBI were to wait to make such an announcement until after the election, they may be widely criticised for it.
  4. Director Comey could have only made this announcement so close to the election if there were actually something big about the new information that is causing them to reopen the case.
  5. Some officials mentioned in the Politico article say that “‘It never happens,’ said one former FBI official, who asked not to be named. ‘Once you vacate a high-profile case, unless there’s some very significant omission, they won’t [reopen] it.'”  Suggesting that Director Comey didn’t reopen the case lightly or in a political play.

According to this CNN article “Clinton said she was ‘confident whatever (the emails) are will not change the conclusion reached in July,’ when Comey said he wouldn’t recommend criminal charges in the matter.”  She made a statement about the letter from Director Comey in a news conference in Des Moines, Iowa and the video of her speech can be found in that CNN article.

With the presidential election less than two weeks away, and early voting open, this could have a serious effect on the outcome.  Clinton’s campaign could be seriously affected by this and may push the undecided voters who were leaning towards Clinton pre-new controversy away.

So, things may seriously change for Hillary Clinton in the next few days.  Clinton was leading in polls and was at the point of saying “I’m not even going to respond to Trump anymore,” but is now dealing with a new obstacle that just might cost her the presidency.

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2 thoughts on “FBI Reopened Case Against Hillary in Latest October Surprise

  1. Christian Madison

    Wow, didn’t even know about this. It’s crazy how Trump’s campaign has not been visibly affected in light of all of his actions, but the skeletons in HRC’s closet are expected to have consequences.


    1. Well a lot of polls before Friday were reflecting the effect of everything Trump does. He was way down in the polls and Hillary had a clear lead in most of them (but some still within the margin of error). His most staunch supporters won’t change their minds despite anything he may do/say and I know a lot of Republicans who don’t like him but will vote for him simply because he’s the Republican candidate. But, I think undecided voters have been leaning Hillary. So I disagree that his campaign hasn’t really been affected but I do agree that Hillary’s scandals seem to hold more weight. It will be interesting to see how undecided voters will react to the reopening of the email case and just how much it will affect her campaign.


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