Women Breaking Ground in Big Wave Surfing

Women are making changes in a BIG way in the world of surfing.  I know my blog has a political focus relating to minorites and women, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about something women have accomplished outside the political sphere.

First, I’ll start by defining the difference between big wave surfing and other types. Big wave surfing is probably the scariest and most dangerous of all types.  We’re talking surfers  taking on waves that are over twenty feet tall (and that’s on the extremely small side of the spectrum of big wave surfing).  Garrett McNamara holds a Guinness World Record by surfing a 78 foot wave in Portugal.  That’s insane!!!  Those big waves have the power to kill people and surfers risk their lives for the ride of a lifetime.

Big wave surfing competitions are in a category separate from others.  Riding a wave over 20 feet tall, all the way up to over 100 feet tall, is a very different experience from some other surf competitions where they will do tricks on smaller waves.

Surfing is a big interest of mine and when I heard that women have made a big step in the world of surfing, I got excited.  Big wave surfing competitions have been around for a while but women haven’t really been included in them.  Recently the Titans of Mavericks, which is a well known and famous big wave surf competition, decided to create a heat for women.

It’s a huge step in the equality of women in the world of surfing.  In my opinion it is a great thing that happened.

Some more info can be found in this New York Times article.

Featured image courtesy of this article.


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