Gender Issues… Not Just Women’s Issues

The New York Times is catching up with the times (pun intended) and has recently started to put a larger emphasis on gender issues.  The former deputy exectutive editor at The Times, Susan Chira, has been made a senior correspondent for gender issues.

She and other writers will be covering more news regarding gender issues – a term that encompasses more then just women.  Susan Chira says that gender issues cover “feminism, women’s issues, economics, culture, men, the definition of masculinity, men’s roles, gender and sexual identity, and gender fluidity.”

This podcast on The New York Times website discusses the reason for a new focus on gender issues.  The three women speaking in the podcast, Susan Chira, Susan Dominus and Susan Lehman, talk about the relationship of gender issues and this election.  They discuss the candidates and what affect gender issues have on them and vice versa.

It is an interesting discussion and worth the listen.  It is about 14 minutes long and a preview into what The Times is going to be doing to focus on gender issues.  As Susan puts it, “The Times has been writing about this for a long time… [but now] it is a little bit more conscious than it might have been.”

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