Trump’s Cabinet

The names of people being considered for Donald Trump’s cabinet were apparently given to Mike Pence on Friday. The New York Times released it in this article.

In this post I’ll just provide the names of each person with each position they are being considered for. You can check out that article from The Times for more details. It includes more details of each person’s past positions/qualifications.

For Secretary of State, Trump is considering:

  1. John R. Bolton
  2. Bob Corker
  3. Newt Gingrich
  4. Zalmay Khalilzad
  5. Stanley A. McChrystal

Treasury Secretary:

  1. Thomas Barrack Jr.
  2. Jeb Hensarling
  3. Steven Mnuchin
  4. Tim Pawlenty

Defense Secretary:

  1. Kelly Ayotte
  2. Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn
  3. Stephen J. Hadley
  4. Jon Kyl
  5. Jeff Sessions

Attorney General

  1. Chris Christie 

  2. Rudolph W. Giuliani

  3. Jeff Sessions

Interior Secretary

  1. Jan Brewer

  2. Robert E. Grady

  3. Harold G. Hamm

  4. Forrest Lucas

  5. Sarah Palin

Agriculture Secretary

  1. Sam Brownback

  2. Chuck Conner

  3. Sid Miller

  4. Sonny Perdue

Commerce Secretary

  1. Chris Christie

  2. Dan DiMicco

  3. Lewis M. Eisenberg

Labor Secretary

  1. Victoria A. Lipnic

Health and Human Services Secretary

  1. Dr. Ben Carson

  2. Mike Huckabee

  3. Bobby Jindal

  4. Rick Scott

Energy Secretary

  1. James L. Connaughton

  2. Robert E. Grady

  3. Harold G. Hamm

Education Secretary

  1. Dr. Ben Carson

  2. Williamson M. Evers

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

  1. Jeff Miller

Homeland Security Secretary

  1. Joe Arpaio

  2. David A. Clarke Jr.

  3. Michael McCaul

  4. Jeff Sessions

White House Chief of Staff

  1. Stephen K. Bannon

  2. Reince Priebus

E.P.A. Administrator

  1. Myron Ebell

  2. Robert E. Grady

  3. Jeffrey R. Holmstead

U.S. Trade Representative

  1. Dan DiMicco

U.N. Ambassador

  1. Kelly Ayotte

  2. Richard Grenell

C.I.A. Director/Director of National Intelligence

  1. Michael T. Flynn
  2. Peter Hoekstra

  3. Mike Rogers

  4. Frances Townsend

National Security Advisor

  1. Michael T. Flynn


Featured image courtesy of this website.


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