Donald Trump Selects Chief of Staff

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Reince Priebus as his chief of staff. Priebus is the chairman of the Republican National Committee, showing that Trump is “putting his trust in an establishment figure after railing against the political establishment from the start of his candidacy” (Caputo).

He has also decided that Steve Bannon will be his chief strategist and senior counselor. Steve Bannon represents the alt-right. It seems that Trump picked Priebus for his experience with Republican members of Congress, but many aren’t very happy with the choice of Bannon for chief strategist.

Although Priebus’s selection made establishment Republicans happy, “one Trump aide said over the weekend that a Priebus hire would spawn a ‘revolt’ among supporters who wanted him to fulfill a promise to govern as an anti-establishment president” (Caputo).

Both Priebus and Bannon seem to be happy that they were selected to be a part of Donald Trump’s staff. How well they perform, if a Republican congress will like them, and how those who elected Trump will feel about them will be seen in due time.

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Caputo, Marc, Nolan McCaskill, and Alex Isenstadt. “Trump Names Priebus as Chief of Staff, Bannon as Chief Strategist.” POLITICO. N.p., 13 Nov. 2016. Web. 13 Nov. 2016.


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