“A Cartoonist’s Apology”

Mark Fiore shared a video called “A Cartoonist’s Apology” that was very meaningful. He had many things to say and started with an apology. He explained the apology, saying “You see, the tools of analysis, satire, and ridicule were ineffectual. Worse yet, these very things gave Donald Trump more attention – the very lifeblood of his existence and his campaign.”

The whole point of his video was to tell people that they need to get out and talk to people who don’t think the same way that they do. He made a point that algorithms (on social media like Facebook) are what “group us with people who like what we like and think what we think.”

We need to interact with people we don’t agree with and have a dialogue with them. People shouldn’t remain in their comfortable little bubbles.

I’ve put a link to the video here (I know it says it can’t be played here, but just click “Watch on Vimeo” and it will take you to the video.)

The caption underneath his video was this:

“Wha’ happened?  What an awful, strange, crazy, mind-boggling election.  Am I missing something, or did we just elect a real estate developer/reality show star who campaigned on xenophobia, racism and bullying while recorded evidence (and scores of accusers) revealed a history of sexual assault?

The Trump victory drives home the fact that there are, oh, sixty million or so people who support this guy.  We might have had a better idea this was about to happen (or been able to do something to prevent it) if we interacted with the red side of ‘Muricah more than we listen to Nate Silver.  (By “we” I mean “me” and many of my bubble-inhabiting friends and family.)  I’ll let the cartoon do the rest of the talking, and remember, you can support my work and join me behind-the-scenes on my Patreon page.”

Source: A Cartoonist’s Apology


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