Texas Legislation Could Mean Disaster for LGBTQ Students 

Konni Burton, a Texas legislator, proposed a bill that would force teachers to tell parents if their children have come out as LGBTQ. To many, this would be a terrible thing.

According to an article on The Hill website, “LGBTQ activists say that the wording isn’t specific enough, and that it would force teachers to out a student to their parents and guardians, something that would be a concern for students who have chosen not to come out at home.”

Clearly it could be a major problem for kids who are afraid of their parents’ reactions. Some parents aren’t accepting of their children who come out as gay, so many kids don’t come out to their parents.

However, some tell their teachers or school counselors because they feel that is a safe place and that they can confide in their teachers and counselors. However, this bill could make teachers and employees reveal to parents everything about the student, including releasing counseling records, which may reveal that they are LGBTQ. 

This could make students not want to tell their guardians at school and force kids to not come out and damage their emotional and psychological well being.

A petition has been going around to stop the bill and if you’d like to sign it here is a link.



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