Greg Abbott’s Twitter

It has recently come to my attention how blunt and sometimes ridiculous Texas Governor Greg Abbott can be on Twitter. Today, I saw this tweet from him:

I had to read this tweet about 3 times before I could actually comprehend what he was saying. First of all, if you are elected to public office, how are you going to say this (and on social media…)? Second of all, this is a jab at the play, Hamilton, which has recently drawn heat because the cast delivered a message to Mike Pence.

Early in the morning on November 19th, Donald Trump tweeted

The message to Mike Pence wasn’t offensive in my opinion, and Mike Pence agreed, saying, “I did hear what was said from the stage. I can tell you I wasn’t offended by what was said. I will leave to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it”.

I think Governor Abbott’s tweet, made on the same day as Donald Trump, wasn’t appropriate for two reasons. It was passive-aggressive and also like I said earlier, why would you say something like that as an elected public official? Of course popular opinion matters. It’s what your governorship is founded on. And if you’re referring to the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and Donald Trump didn’t, then you mustn’t think that the opinion of millions of Americans who voted for Clinton and third party candidates don’t matter.

Clinton is winning the popular vote by 2.55 million now. Nearly 2% points. I guess that doesn’t matter though, right Greg? Since Alexander Hamilton said that “I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value”.

Another tweet that I thought was inappropriate was this quote tweet of the one below it.

Sure, congratulate your President-elect Donald Trump, but those tweets seem a little petty for a governor. I would expect these from someone like Tomi Lahren, not from someone like our governor. You can check his twitter to see all of his other blunt or otherwise inappropriate tweets.

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