The Dakota Access Pipeline

First, I want to start off with a slideshow of the results of a survey I created that asked people a few questions about the Dakota Access Pipeline. Press the arrows or pause button to move through it faster or to pause it.

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I find the answers interesting. From what I can tell, many people know what the pipeline is and that there are protests happening there, but they don’t much detail about it. That may suggest that the media hasn’t been covering it well enough. (Btw the “other” response to question 8 was “Hell, no”)

If you haven’t heard what the Dakota Access Pipeline is about or want to know more about it, you’ve found the right post. The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is a pipeline that will transport crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois.

Protests began months ago because the route is scheduled to go through Lake Oahe. This is a problem because the lake is on the Missourri River, a main source of water for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. If the pipeline were to break it would contaminate their water.

It is also said that it may run through sacred grounds of the Tribe. Obviously, Native Ameicans are furious about it. The Sioux Tribe is not the only group that is angry, but other Native Americans tribes are as well.

All Native Americans have had a butal and awful history in America. So much has been taken from them in the past – lives, land, culture. So, many others stand with Native Americans in solidarity at Standing Rock because of this.

Roughly 2,000 veterans are supposed to show up and help the Standing Rock protestors, says USA Today. According to the article on USA Today “the veterans plan to set up on Dec. 4 and will stay at least through Dec. 7, she said. She later added that some would remain indefinitely at Standing Rock.”

The veterans want to give protestors a bit of a break. The police have been doing terrible things to protestors. Things like using concussion grenades, water canons (in freezing weather), and tear gas against protestors. A woman who was hit with a cuncussion grenade may even lose her arm.

Some believe that the government needs to intervene and that President Obama should put an end to it. Van Jones spoke on Chelsea Handler’s show about it and called for Obama to do something about it.



Not only are protests happening at Standing Rock, but they are occurring in Washington D.C. as well. Senator Bernie Sanders joined the protestors in Washington D.C. He gave more than one speech condemning the pipeline and calls for there to be an end to it.



Much of the media hasn’t been focused on it because of the presidential election and President-elect Trump’s choices for his staff and administration. However, it will hopefully pick up soon now that the election has started to fade a bit.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch released a statement about the protests, saying, among many other things, that she “expect[s] everyone involved to exercise restraint, to refrain from violence and to express their views peacefully.” Here is the video clip of her statement.



This article by NBC News gives an inside look of the protestors’ camp. It’s pretty interesting to see how it is set up. I encourage you to take a look.

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