Steve Bannon’s Crazed Documentaries

Stephen Bannon, the man who took over Breitbart News in 2012, President-elect Trump’s new White House senior advisor, has also directed and produced several films.

The writer of a Politico article titled “What I Learned Binge-Watching Steve Bannon’s Documentaries,” is about the writer’s experience while watching all of the films Steve Bannon has directed/produced.

As he put it, “the experience was an agitprop fever dream” and “they flicker with stock footage of a pride of lions noshing on a bloody zebra’s flesh, blooming flowers, rearing grizzly bears; there are towering mushroom clouds and seething Hitler speeches that flash on the screen while we hear a monologue from talking heads like Newt Gingrich and Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame.”

From that description, the films sound crazed to say the least. The writer, Adam Wren, notes a theme that runs through all of the films. The theme Bannon seems to be pushing is that “Western Civilization as we know it is under attack by forces that are demonic or foreign—the difference between those is blurry—and people in far-distant power centers are looking to screw you. What’s worse, Christianity and freedom are on the wane.”

From what I read in the article, the documentaries are weird to experience. “In Bannon’s dark an apocalyptic world, where the heroes are few and the stakes are high, we’ve only a cadre of mavericks and truth tellers to protect us. They include Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich and Lou Dobbs and Michele Bachmann. An important one is [Phil] Robertson, the God-fearin,’ gun-totin’ patriarch of the clan [Duck Dynasty]”.

Here is the list of documentary films:

  • Torchbearer
  • Generation Zero
  • Occupy Unmasked
  • Fire from the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman
  • The Undefeated
  • District of Corruption
  • In the Face of Evil
  • Border War: The Battle Over Illegal Immigration
  • The Hope & the Change

The Politico article is a bit of a long read but it’s worth it. It goes into a lot more detail than I will here, but the details are important because they reveal just how unbalanced Steve Bannon is.

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