Not Your Average Bible Belter

fullsizerender-12Howdy!  My name is Hannah Guyton and here is a little about me.  I’m a junior at Texas A&M University and a Communication major.  I’m interested in issues of race and gender equality among many other things.  This blog is for a Communication class assignment and I will be posting regularly.  I intend to continue it even after the class ends.

My interest in issues of racial and gender equality began in high school. I’m from the Houston area and it is a very diverse city. I have friends of different races, genders, religions, sexualities, etc., and getting to know them has exposed me to many different cultures and lifestyles. I hate seeing people get discriminated against because we’re all human and no one is better or worse than anyone else. That is what makes me passionate about these topics.

As for my political views… I try to remain moderate. I’m not a hardcore liberal nor am I a hardcore conservative. My dad is very Republican and my mom is quite Democratic. So, I’ve been exposed to both points of view and I see the flaws and strengths in both parties. Many of my opinionated posts come across as liberal because of this recent presidential election. Prior to it, I was definitely more in the middle. However, I believe that this election has polarized the country and I know I’ve been affected by that.

The image of the six non-white Disney women in my header was created by an extremely talented artist on tumblr.  Her blog can be found at this link.  And the original post of this image can be found here.  I encourage you to check it out! And a full picture of it is below.